Wednesday, 24 August 2011

wow!! somthing new

Today again I started in watson road park and as soon as i opend the front door the swallows were going wild, I looked up and the resident male sparrowhawk was going over. I continued towards the park and as usual there was alot of feral pigeons sat on the sport centre roof, I had just arrived in the park and right on que the magpie was feeding on the patch of grass it was yesterday. I went and stood near a shelter and heard at least 5 blue tits  chipping away at the top of the trees around me. bit further along the track I heard a wren and then another further up near the bowling green where a couple of blackbirds were feeding among the leaf litter then a bit further up was a  smaller bird i lifted up my bin's wow!! its a dunnock that was the best sighting, on the way back I heard a robin calling fron somewhere in the undergrowth.
Later I will be checking the railway bushes and do a little bit of sea waching.
above lesser striped addidas shoe at preston dock whilst photographing common tern a great find
below a white red kite gigrin farm 2011 tacken whilst on my hols

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