Monday, 22 August 2011

Not Much About

Today I started off at an under watched patch that is watson road park. The only other time I have been in there was to see an elusive wood warbler earlier in the year. I reached the park which is only a few minutes away from my home, all was quiet apart from screaming little kid's I went further in and stood near a patch of trees which looked promising for migrants. After a while I gave up on that patch of trees and continued around the park, when something caught my eye, a dragonfly, it was a migrant hawker. While I watched that I heard a blue Tit. I continued round and found a fallen log to sit on where i had a juvenile sparrowhawk. I then decided to go home and watch the feeders, when i got back there was 2 goldfinch and a male greenfinch on the nyjer and sunflower hearts.

I then decided to go on a bike ride to stanley park with Aaron who often comes birding with me. I went and sat down while Azz went on the BMX track where i had a flyover female sparrowhawk  getting mobbed by a couple of brave swallows. I carried on round the park and found a family party of around 8 long tailed tits
Tomorrow i will be having another look at watson road park and some railway bushes that in the past have held such rarity's such as red breasted flycatcher and Pallas's warbler.  

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