Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Still Quiet

This morning watson was quiet again all we had was 2 Blue tit, 2 magpie, a pair of wrens, a few woodpigeon. we went and sat down for a while and had 2 goldfinch and 2 greenfinch over. We then went to the railway bushes on the way we had a few collared dove and around 10 starling sat on chimney pots and 2 male and a female blackbird was nice. The bushes was dead only a blue tit heard we decided to cross over and walked along side the pleasure beach where we heard wren and blue tit inside. we went onto the prom where there was a dozen sandwich terns flying around and hundreds of gulls sat on the beach most of them being herring, lesser black backed and black headed gulls and the odd common gull. on the way home we walked back along the beach and came across a few common shore and green shore crab and an octopus jellyfish. on the sea defences was a flock of around 20 starling and beneth them was a single turnstone feeding in the seaweed.
Tomorrow will probably have a quick look at watson then do a touch of gardening in the afternoon.

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