Friday, 26 August 2011

It's slowly getting better

An hour in watson this morning and i am glad i did as soon as i reached the enterance of the park i hear a great spotted woodpecker calling from the top of a tree. we dont usually get woodpeckers around us so that was worth getting up for.
Next I walked a few hundred yards into the park and I heard the call of sparrowhawk then I saw 2 chasing eachother around the trees, they landed so I went to the tree one flew into another clump of trees and the other stayed  where it was they both were juvenile birds maybe they have bread in there this year??. I found a woodpigeon sat on a nest and three magpies were chasing eachother from tree to tree. I found a few butterfly species today as the sun was out I saw red admiral, small tortoiseshell and speckled wood.

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