Thursday, 1 September 2011

Catch up- Bat and moth walk

We met up with the rangers and a few other members of the public for a bat and moth night at stanley park. We decided to head towards the bowling greens first and just as we arrived we had our first bat, a pipistrelle flying around our heads while the rest of the group were watching that me, Aaron and Jonny had a look round for moths, Jonny suddenly shouted ''Ash coming towards you a big one'' I turned round and ''THUD'' Straight into my nose it then flew behind me so I swung my net behind me with 10% skill and 90% luck I managed to get it, potting it we could see that it was an old lady. We then Continued round towards the rose gardens where Silver Y and crescent were caught. Down towards the lake the others had Brown long eared bat which I had missed because I went looking for the next species of bat. The daubenton's bat was rather easy to find all we had to do was scan our torches along the surface of the water and bingo got one infact there was arond five wizzing aroung no more then a foot of the surface of the water picking insects of the surface. On the boat house we found another three old ladys were on the wall then on top of the bridge we were bombed by another one.

 we then went through to woodland gardens where a few more pips were seen and heard then we got to the pill box and there was yet another old lady sat on a wall inside. After that we headed back to the park and walked along the main path where a noticed a few moths feeding on an oak tree copper underwing and the best moth of the night red underwing but not 1, not 2 but six on 1 tree. on the way bk we also found a hedgehog, we all then headed back to the vc happy.

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